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How to Store Baltic Amber Jewelry

store baltic amber

If you have some Baltic amber jewelry, you’re holding onto something really special. Not only did it take millions of years to create the gems, but also each piece is completely unique due to its organic nature. To keep this exceptional jewelry beautiful for many years to come, there are certain steps you should take…

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How to Clean and Care for Baltic Amber Jewelry

how to clean

Amber jewelry is beautiful, and part of what makes it special is how delicate and fragile it can be. Since amber is made of petrified tree resin, it’s an organic gem (like pearl), making it a bit softer and more brittle than some other gemstones. However, this shouldn’t be a big problem if you take…

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Amber Jewelry – The Perfect Valentines Day Gift

Valentines Day Gift

Valentines day is right around the corner and the stores are filled with heart shaped boxes full of candy and stuffed animals that will just get shoved in a closet. Is it time to think outside the heart shaped box and give your someone special something they will cherish for years to come? If you…

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Baltic Amber Jewelry is the Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

jewelry is the perfect gift

When you sit down to write out your gift list for the holiday season, of course you want to get that perfect gift for every person. For some, the perfect gift idea comes easily, but for others, there will be more thought involved. If you happen to find a handmade gift, it not only shows…

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