How to Store Baltic Amber Jewelry


If you have some Baltic amber jewelry, you’re holding onto something really special. Not only did it take millions of years to create the gems, but also each piece is completely unique due to its organic nature. To keep this exceptional jewelry beautiful for many years to come, there are certain steps you should take when it comes to how you store Baltic amber. Amber is a soft, organic gem and needs to be protected when being stored. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re storing your pieces safely:

How to Store Baltic Amber Jewelry

When you put your jewelry away, it’s important to consider where you put them and in what kind of container. Here are a few guidelines to follow to keep you jewelry in the best condition:

  • Make sure your amber is not stored where it can rub against other pieces of jewelry. It’s relatively soft and can easily be scratched by metals or even other gems.
  • When you store your pieces, it’s best to wrap them each separately in a soft cloth. This will keep them protected from scratching and direct light.
  • Store in a cool place. Avoid contact with extreme temperatures, especially heat. Amber jewelry should be stored in a temperature-controlled space of 60-65 degrees, if possible. Extreme heat can affect the stone or even the setting if it’s kept in place with jewelry glue.
  • Avoid exposure to ultraviolet light when storing your pieces.
  • Keep your jewelry storage area dry.
  • If you want to be extra careful, keep your amber stored in museum-quality (neutral pH) materials and containers.

Other Ways to Care for Your Baltic Amber Jewelry

Here are a few more tips for taking care of your amber pieces (besides just storage location):

  • Make sure to remove your amber rings and bracelets before gardening, cleaning dishes, or doing other harsh tasks that could harm the gems.
  • Also remove the jewelry before you go to sleep. Your tossing and turning could lead to twisting and bending the setting, as well as damage to the gem. Your sweat could also cause moisture damage over time.
  • Be aware of your makeup as you wear your amber jewelry, as the chemicals in it can react with the gem, removing the polish and shine or affecting the jewelry glue that keeps the piece together.
  • If the jewelry is dusty, simply wipe it with a soft cloth that’s dry and lint-free. No need for harsh chemicals. You can find more cleaning tips here.

If you follow these storage and care tips, your Baltic amber jewelry should stay radiant and in great shape for years to come. Turn those beautiful pieces into family heirlooms!