How to Clean and Care for Baltic Amber Jewelry

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Amber jewelry is beautiful, and part of what makes it special is how delicate and fragile it can be. Since amber is made of petrified tree resin, it’s an organic gem (like pearl), making it a bit softer and more brittle than some other gemstones. However, this shouldn’t be a big problem if you take proper care of your jewelry.

If you own any amber jewelry, you must know how to clean it and take care of it if you want it to retain its natural beauty for generations. Over time, amber jewelry can get coated with oil and grime, making it lose some of its luster. There are certain cleaning methods you need to use to ensure that your Baltic amber stays beautiful and in great condition. Aistre for Amber will look at a few of those methods below:

How to Clean Your Baltic Amber Jewelry

To clean your amber jewelry, you’ll want to use a soft cloth, such as flannel. There are dedicated jewelry-cleaning cloths that are great to use, but they aren’t necessary. Wet the cloth with lukewarm water and wipe down the amber piece. After you’ve wiped down your jewelry with the lukewarm water, you’ll want to dry it very carefully with a soft dry cloth. Once it’s dry, polish it lightly with clear olive oil. Next, remove any excess oil and polish the jewelry again before storing on a dry, soft surface, preferably inside a protective container. Avoid storing alongside excessive perfume, in an area that will have extreme changes between hot and cold, or too much exposure to light.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Amber Jewelry Care

Aside from storing and cleaning your jewelry correctly, there are some other things you need to remember when you wear your amber:

  • Make sure it’s not exposed to extreme sunlight or heat, as these can weaken it and make it fade.
  • Don’t put on your jewelry before your perfume or hairspray. These liquids can leave a whitish film or coating on the jewelry that may never come off completely.
  • Make sure to take all amber jewelry off before getting into the shower or bath.
  • Don’t wear amber rings or bracelets while gardening, cleaning dishes, etc.
  • Avoid exposure to sudden temperature changes, like reaching into an oven then running your hands under cold water.

If you follow these simple guidelines with your amber, you’re sure to have a lasting piece of jewelry that can be handed down and enjoyed for generations to come! If you want more info on amber, check out this blog that goes over the difference between amber and copal.