Baltic Amber Jewelry is the Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

jewelry is the perfect gift

When you sit down to write out your gift list for the holiday season, of course you want to get that perfect gift for every person. For some, the perfect gift idea comes easily, but for others, there will be more thought involved. If you happen to find a handmade gift, it not only shows how much you care, but gives the person something completely unique. One great handmade gift idea comes in the form of beautiful jewelry.

Picking out a handmade piece of jewelry as a gift shows the person that you wanted to get them something special. Handmade jewelry is a popular gift item because of the love and skill that goes into making it. If you want a truly special handmade piece, Baltic amber jewelry is the perfect gift for the holidays!

Why Baltic Amber

Amber has special properties and a rich history in the legends that surround it. (Learn more about that history here!) Due to its beauty and supposed healing and protective properties, it’s a gem that’s been given to show love and care for millennia. Baltic amber has withstood the test of time and changing fashions over the years.

This is also a gem that’s reasonable in price, ranging anywhere from $10 to $1000, based on the piece of jewelry that you choose. (Often it’s sold by weight, so large pieces with lots of metalwork will be more expensive.) It’s not difficult to find amber jewelry these days, and it’s found in many online stores, which can specialize in handmade, unique pieces of art. This will make the gift even more special to the person receiving it!

Why Handmade Jewelry?

Giving any piece of jewelry to someone is giving something of value, but when you give handmade jewelry, you are also giving the gift of rarity. Even if the person makes several of the same design, handmade pieces are unique and one-of-a-kind, since a machine didn’t make them perfectly identical. Baltic amber adds to the uniqueness, since each gem is completely different from any other.

Ever go to a party and find that you’re wearing the same dress or piece of jewelry that you just got from the store? The person who wears a handmade piece will be wearing something totally unique and one-of-a-kind. It’s not a gift that will look like something anyone else is wearing, and that makes the gift even more of a treasure to the one receiving it.

Quality of the Jewelry

Amber jewelry will withstand the test of time. It keeps its beauty for years, only needing a simple polishing every once and a while. It’ll also always be fashionable. It wears well, and can be shaped into any piece of jewelry you would want. It’s often even carved into small sculptures!

If the quality of the materials used to create the piece is high, you can be assured that you are giving a gift that will last for years to come. The piece itself and the amber gems used in it will hold their beauty for the one who wears it. This piece of jewelry could be something that will be passed down through generations. What a neat feeling to know that you could give someone a gift that will someday be a cherished family treasure!

The Element of Surprise

Anyone can give a candle, blanket, or tie, but when you take the time to choose a handcrafted piece of Baltic amber jewelry for someone, you are sure to see their eyes light up. This is a gift of art that they can wear and show everyone. When they put on that piece to go to dinner or to that play, they will always remember who gave it to them and what a nice surprise it was.

The Thoughtfulness of the Gift

Are you convinced yet that Baltic amber jewelry is the perfect gift for the holidays? By selecting jewelry, especially handmade pieces, you are showing that person that you cared enough to take the time and find a piece that reminded you of them. This is something they will always remember receiving, and it will always have a sentimental moment attached to it.

Jewelry is more than just metal and rocks. Amber jewelry has a history and stories to tell. Giving the gift of amber jewelry shows that you care about someone and want them to have good health and wellness. Any jewelry is thoughtful and is good for any age or person. Taking the time to find that right piece could make you the most thoughtful gift giver this season!

Jewelry tells a story from the person giving the gift to the person receiving it. Take the time and find that piece of amber jewelry that is just right for that special person on your gift list. Jewelry is the perfect gift for anyone, and finding the right piece to give is the best part!