Health Benefits of Baltic Amber

health benefits

For centuries, people have coveted Baltic amber for its unique beauty. It’s been made into gorgeous jewelry and passed down from generation to generation. Along with its beauty, it has also been sought out for its amazing healing properties. Many use amber to help alleviate pain, boost the immune system, and overall protect the body…

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How are Insects Trapped in Amber?

trapped in amber

Some of the most spectacular pieces of Baltic amber contain insects and other life forms within. These long-dead creatures are forever on show, encased within their golden tombs. But how does this amazing situation happen? Baltic amber is made of fossilized tree resin, so the creatures became stuck while the resin was a liquid. The…

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How to Store Baltic Amber Jewelry

store baltic amber

If you have some Baltic amber jewelry, you’re holding onto something really special. Not only did it take millions of years to create the gems, but also each piece is completely unique due to its organic nature. To keep this exceptional jewelry beautiful for many years to come, there are certain steps you should take…

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How to Clean and Care for Baltic Amber Jewelry

how to clean

Amber jewelry is beautiful, and part of what makes it special is how delicate and fragile it can be. Since amber is made of petrified tree resin, it’s an organic gem (like pearl), making it a bit softer and more brittle than some other gemstones. However, this shouldn’t be a big problem if you take…

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Amber vs Copal – What’s the Difference?


If you’re familiar with amber jewelry, you may have come across the mention of copal. While they both can look the same, there are several differences between the two gems. So what exactly is the difference, and why is there debate surrounding it? Below, Aistre for Amber will look into both copal and amber, including…

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How to Identify Fake Baltic Amber

fake baltic amber

When you set out to buy a piece of Baltic amber jewelry, whether it’s a bracelet for your sweetheart or a teething necklace for your new baby, you want to make sure that what you’re purchasing is not fake Baltic amber. How do you do that? There are a few simple tests that can be…

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The Many Possible Colors of Amber

colors of amber

When you think of amber, you most likely envision a butterscotch or whiskey color of yellow or orange. While these are the most common colors for amber, there are actually lots of other possible hues, from red to white to even blue. These different colors occur as a result of the source of the gem.…

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