Health Benefits of Baltic Amber

health benefits

For centuries, people have coveted Baltic amber for its unique beauty. It’s been made into gorgeous jewelry and passed down from generation to generation. Along with its beauty, it has also been sought out for its amazing healing properties. Many use amber to help alleviate pain, boost the immune system, and overall protect the body from ailments. Learn more about the possible health benefits of Baltic amber below!

Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Baltic amber has long been used to relieve pain and inflammation in all parts of the body. The succinic acid found in amber is the active compound. Baltic amber has around 3-8% succinic acid, which is found at the highest concentration around the outer layer of the gem. This means that when you wear your Baltic amber jewelry, the trace oils on the resin can be absorbed through your skin as it warms to your body temperature. Once the succinic acid is absorbed, it will enter your bloodstream and offer mild therapeutic benefits.

Support the Immune System

Along with its natural pain reliving qualities, amber is also thought to help boost the immune system. The succinic acid again helps your body from the inside out by speeding up the healing process. In addition, amber itself is a great natural antibiotic. In the past, doctors would dress wounds with powdered amber because of it these properties. Even today, you can find amber necklaces in pharmacies across the world due to its antibiotic and healing properties.

Support the Throat and Thyroid Gland

Another healing property found in amber is the support of the throat and thyroid gland. When worn as a necklace, the succinic acid can soak into your body and move to your thyroid gland. This acid contains stimulants that assist in soothing bodily inflammation. It also helps in balancing an overactive or underactive thyroid. Amber’s anti-inflammatory properties can also help relieve a sore throat or aid those who want assistance with vocal training.

Assist with Anxiety and Stress

Amber is calming and helpful in reducing anxiety in babies and toddlers, while also offering these benefits to older children and adults. The natural compounds found in Baltic amber are very useful in combating stress. Amber gems, when used for massages or worn on the body, will allow the helpful chemicals to soak into the body and provide a calming feeling. The pleasant smell and smooth feel of the gem also provide comfort. Because of these properties, amber beads are often used as part of meditation to help with mental clarity, an improved sense of well-being, and relaxation.

Amber Necklaces for Teething Babies

When your child is teething, it’s wonderful to use all-natural pain relief before resorting to over-the-counter medications. The FDA has warned of the dangers in using numbing gels inside a child’s mouth, and some pain relievers contain chemicals that are not safe for small children. Have your children wear amber necklaces to help with the pain as they cut their teeth, as well as provide a calming element during this stressful time. Just remember to always supervise your infant when he or she is wearing jewelry around the neck. Also, it’s helpful to have a teething necklace with knots in between each bead, so that if the string breaks, you don’t have an entire strand of beads scattered across the floor!

Low Maintenance

One of the best benefits of using Baltic amber for its protective and healing properties is the fact that it’s so easy to maintain. If you want to polish it, you just have to use a soft cloth, but it shouldn’t need regular care and doesn’t need charging to improve its properties. Don’t store the jewelry in a space that’s too hot or knock it around in the garden or in the sink while doing dishes, and it should last you for years to come. You can find more information on caring for  and storing your Baltic amber in Aistre for Amber’s other blogs.

As you wear your amber jewelry, you’re getting both beauty and health all in one piece. By adding this stone to your jewelry collection, you’re also adding great health benefits that will boost your immunity, reduce your stress, and aid in pain relief!