The History of Birthstones


A beautiful gem that symbolizes a person’s birthday is a special and thoughtful gift. Some people wear their birthstone on a daily basis and feel a deep connection with the gem. Others haven’t really thought about their birthstones since they learned about them as kids. Whether or not you enjoy collecting your own birthstone, knowing…

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The Baltic Amber Road

amber road

The Danube River, a major route for the ancient amber trade. There’s a rich history of trade in the Baltic region, and amber jewelry has always played a large role in that market. Baltic amber has been highly prized throughout history, and continues to be sold around the world today. But while we can now…

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The History of Amber Jewelry

history of amber

Amber jewelry is beautiful, but to fully understand its true beauty, it’s helpful to know a bit about its history and origin. Amber, also known as succinite, is the fossilized resin of trees. Much of it comes from the Baltic region, where it washes up onto the beaches and can be easily collected. Amber has…

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